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Our company deals with services and supplying goods in specific branches of health care. We are confident that the future of most medical disciplines will be closely connected to genetics and related fields. This reflects our main activities and services:

Sanger sequencing products (LIGHTrun, SUPREMErun, NIGHTEXPRESS)

  • New Generation Sequencing (INVIEW, NGSELECT)
  • Liquid Biopsy (GATCLIQUID)
  • MycoplasmaCheck

For more about our products please see Services.

Our company is the exclusive distributor of GATC Biotech for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, while the area covered by our activities is being expanded. The company GATC Biotech since 1990, has been a leading service provider in the field of sequencing, with more than 10,000 regular customers from academic, medical and industrial fields. Its popularity among customers is based on the high quality of services delivered at very reasonable prices, as evidenced year after year by a growing number of satisfied clients in our domestic environment. The company GATC Biotech has its own laboratories in Cologne and Konstanz, therefore, unlike other service providers, GATC Biotech does not outsource its activities. All services are provided in-house on their own platforms and by their own experts. Services provided by GATC Biotech are certified by ISO, see Certificates link.

Besides high quality of provided services and products we emphasize individual attitude to our customers. We realize that only a completely satisfied customer is a base of a successful company.

We keep completing and improving our webpages. If you cannot find here information you take for essential, please write to us to genseq@genseq.cz, we will do our best to deliver it as soon as possible.