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Wolkerova 1382
Benešov u Prahy, 256 01
Tel.: +420 605 105 008
E-mail: genseq@genseq.cz
IČ: 24263320

Collection boxes

For maximum comfort of our clients we have installed collection boxes for your samples at the addresses below. Collection boxes are picked up by UPS couriers at the following dates and times. The samples and overnight promptly delivered for processing to the laboratory.

PLEASE NOTE! Boxes are intended for sending samples to Sanger sequencing and MYCOPLASMAcheck service. It means not for NGS samples!!! These are processed in another laboratory and it is not therefore possible to send NGS samples via the collection boxes. We will happily supply you with appropriate information regarding sending of NGS samples within your individual projects.

You can find your nearest collection box upon loging into eurofinsgenomics.eu You can also contact us at genseq@genseq.cz or tel. 605105008.

Detailed information of sample collection is placed on the boxes or we will happily inform you on our tel. 605 105 008.

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