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Sanger sequencing

In the field of genetic sequencing we are mainly engaged in providing services in the field of data processing by Sanger method.

Next-Generation sequencing

NGS (Next-Generation Sequencing) is the most sofisticated technology for sample sequencing.
The term sequencing covers biochemical methods used for analysis of biochemical material. These methods determine order of nucleic basis (A, C, G, T) in short DNA sequences as hereditary information holder in core, mitochondries, platides and plasmides.

DNA sequencing is used not only in basic research of biological processes but also in related disciplines like illness diagnostics and forensic medicine. Sequencing was also used in world project of reading human genome (Human Genome Project). Genomes of other organisms were also identified by using sequencing methods.

Price favourable sequencing

DNA sequencing is from 2,60€ and the results are processed within one day! For immediate order please click here!

It is not price-wise to buy own sequencing machine in case of random sequencing. It is much more economical to use our service for favourable prices, especially in larger orders.

DNA samples are processed the following day

Samples can be delivered to any of our collection boxes or sent by post. For information please use our contacts. You will be delivered the result of sequencing electronicaly the following day.

Classical sequencing 

Classical sequencing is still the most used way of processing samples for most favourable prices

Results will be delivered electronically

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