Upravit stránku

DNA transription is a process in which is created a new RNA chain upon genetic information placed in DNA chain. RNA chain makes a bridge between genetic material and protein made out of this material. DNA transcription is a basis for so called central molecular biology dogma. DNA transcription can be commonly found at all living organisms including virus. Different system can be seen at bacteria (occures in cytoplasma) and by eukaryots (occures in cell core)

The basis for DNA transcription is enzyme called RNA polymerase which is able to create a copy in shape of RNA based on DNA sample. First double-chain of DNA is divided. Then RNA polymerase is bound to the beginning of the gene and subsequently joins DNA nucleotids and complementary RNA nucleotides. After transcription of whole genome into mRNA is disconnected linear molecule and it is connected to ribosome upon which protein arises. This process is typical for most living organisms, yet some differ from this pattern, e.g. bacteria.

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