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The company GATC based on its extensive experience in the field of DNA sequencing has developed a unique diagnostic tool for working with oncology patients, which works on the following principles.

SNV detection of low frequency in the cell-free circulating tumor DNA

Recent technological advances in the analysis of nucleic acids helped to establish the molecular diagnostics as a key component of personalized medicine. Method of enormous diagnostic potential is based on the use of circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) for detecting and monitoring of tumors.

In comparison with tissue biopsy so called Liquid biopsy provides minimal discomfort and no clinical risk for tumor patients. Analysis of ctDNA fully solves the problems associated with the availability of the tumor and its heterogenity, which is often deemed ineffective on biopsy tissue.

Non-invasive nature of the liquid biopsy allows real-time monitoring, unlike invasive biopsy, which provides only a "snap shot" (the current situation at the time of blood testing) of the tumor and the cancer does not represent the whole. In addition, frequent monitoring provides a very effective approach for early detection of tumor recurrence.