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|Sequencing Solutions
Another New Year’s Resolution: Resolving novel, challenging genomes

Sequencing uncharted territory has never been easier

INVIEW DE NOVO GENOME 2.0 enables gap-free assembly of novel genomes up to 15 MB in size. The service combines effective size selection with BluePippin, PacBio's ultra-long sequencing technology and a proven BioIT pipeline for de novo genome assembly.

Find more benefits of INVIEW DE NOVO GENOME 2.0 here.

|Sequencing Solutions
Take advantage of NGS for bacterial genome sequencing

It is now more cost-efficient than ever to apply next-generation sequencing to your bacterial research.

Re-sequence an entire bacterial genome starting from 130€ per sample with NGSELECT.

Boost your research and take advantage of:

Large contigs from 125 bp paired-end reads (Illumina)
High sequencing depth of more than 200x on average
Guaranteed output of five million reads per sample
Optimised protocols for uniform coverage