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Using our SUPREMErun product is fast, convenient and very user-friendly. Customer just purchases self-sticking barcodes and marks his samples (tubes or plates) with the barcodes. Thus marked samples are sent for processing to the laboratory. The barcode identifies the sample during processing and result delivery to the customer in the system of GATC Biotech. Apart from LIGHTrun product at SUPREMErun customer send his sample and primer separately.

An interesting option is to choose one of the free 120 standard primers offered by GATC Biotech and let them mix with the sample in the GATC Biotech laboratory. Customer thus saves both his labour and money for the purchase of his own chemistry.

Customer may also have a specific primer synthetised for a one-time fee. This primer remains in the database of GATC Biotech for unlimited free use at processing customer samples (the primer is to be used at least once every six months for storage in the database)

The big advantage of product SUPREMErun is a possibilty of resequencing as well as free consultation with technical support of GATC Biotech.

Guideline for using product SUPREMErun

  1. Customer registers at  https://www.mygatc.com/en/my-register.html under his e-mail through which he communicates with the GATC Biotech further on  (confirmation of sample delivery to the laboratory, sequencing results delivery customer´s Watch Box etc.). Thus is customer´s myGATC account created.
  2. Followingly the customer activates in his myGATC purchased barcodes (Batch and BIN on the supplied barcodes).
  3. Customer prepares is samples according to the specifications below. Please do NOT seal the tube with parafilm.
  4. Customer sticks the bigger part of barcode on the sample tube and the smaller keeps for his records of used barcodes.
  5. PLEASE NOTE! With SUPREMErun product customers send separate DNA and separate primer. Those are mixed in GATC Biotech laboratory. Green barcode is to be stuck on sample tube, yellow barcode is to be stuck on primer tube.
  6. In the next step customer fills in a simple table in on-line order in myGATC. In this form customer matches samples to primers. It is also possible to use one primer for several samples or so.
  7. Customer sends samples by courier. Customer can select a courier service of his own choice or use prepaid UPS service. In this case the customer receives for every 25 purchased samples a free UPS sticker for sending samples and orders an individual pick-up courier from the nearest branch of UPS. Second option is to use one of our very popular collection boxes for free, a list of collection boxes including pick-up times can be found in the Contacts link.
  8. After sample delivery to the laboratory, the customer will receive a notification email.
  9. After processing the samples customer just clicks on the download results and downloads the results to his computer.

PLEASE NOTE! SUPREMErun offers resequencing for free and free consultations with GATC Biotech technical support!!!


Accepted starting material for SUPREMErun tube:

  • Plasmid DNA or PCR fragments

Sample requirements for SUPREMErun


Plasmids: 30-100 ng/µL 
Cosmide/BAC/PAC: >100 ng/µL
PCR fragments: 10-50 ng/µL 
Custom primers: 10 pmol/µL


DNA samples & primers: 20 µL each (sufficient for 8 SUPREMErun tube or 2 SUPREMErun tube | ISO 17025 reactions). Please send the DNA dissolved in water. The solution must not contain any EDTA. DNA and primers to be delivered in 1.5 mL reaction tubes. For more than 8 reactions please send 20 µL aliquots and name them accordingly when placing the online order.

Primer characteristics: 

For optimal results, the melting temperature (TM) of the primer should be between 52°and 58°C and the length should be between 17 and 19bp. Ideally, the GC content should be ten G+C for a 17mer, eight to nine G+C for an 18mer, and seven to nine G+C for a 19mer.
A G or a C nucleotide should be at the 3’ end, but not more than three Gs or Cs in a row. The primer sequence should contain a mixture of all four nucleotides with no more than four identical bases in a row (AAAA or GGGG).

Storage of DNA and primer:

Maximum storage of DNA and primers delivered by customer: 10 days.
Custom primers synthesized through GATC Biotech will be stored for 6 months.
For a new order after these 6 months of storage and within the following 6 months, a new primer aliquot will be ordered for no extra fees.
Please note that no additional DNA and primers will be stored without a sequencing order.

Sequencing technology

  • ABI 3730xl DNA Analyzer systems (96 capillary instrument)

Data delivery in common file formats to your secure myGATC account

  • chromatogram (.ab1, ABI file)
  • text file (.seq, SEQ file) 
  • fasta format (.fas, FAS file)
  • Online data archive with 12 months data access

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