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Sanger sequencing method

In the field of genetic sequencing we are mainly engaged in providing services of data processing, both Sanger method, as well as by 2nd and 3rd generation sequencing - see. New Generation Sequencing. The reason why to outsource genetic sequencing at external company is considerable financial savings as well as saving time and labour of the staff.

Is it worth buying a sequencing machine?

Buying their own sequencing machine is certainly an interesting option, but its owner is forced to deal with two major problems. The first is very fast moral obsolescence of devices, which often within a single year have a new device upgrades necessary for its proper functioning.

The second problem are considerable costs of running own device, whether it is the purchase of the necessary reagents and other materials, or costs associated with operation and maintenance. Finally, it is necessary to have quality bioinformatics to be able to process real-time data output of the sequencer into the required format.

Therefore it is much more favourable to outsource genetic sequencing at a professional company.

Benefits of outsourcing sequencing services:

-sequencing is processed in a reputable certified laboratories abroad.

-the total processing time of customer's samples at NGS is about 6 weeks, for sequencing using Sanger 1-3 days, while processing on the device itself usually takes considerably longer (up to 2-3 months).

-the output is processed by professional bioinformatics experts in a form which is directly usable for further processing and publications.

-favourable price of services – e.g. sequencing by Sanger method in our company is only € 3.20 per 1 reaction, in case of processing more samples in a 96 well plate the price falls to 2.60 €. Please see our price list.

For our new customers we offer FREE TESTING BARCODES !!!

Sanger sequencing at GATC Biotech

GATC Biotech processes a wide variety of starting materials supplied in tubes or plates. The results of sequencing are high quality and available online within a few hours despite in myGATC account. The company offers two types of products:


Product LIGHTrun

LIGHTRUN tube offers light-speed Sanger sequencing of purified plasmids or PCR fragments in 1.5 mL tubes - at a light price.

Highlights of LIGHTRUN tube

  • Premixed DNA and primer from the customer
  • Up to 1,100 nt in Phred20 quality
  • No online sample assignment necessary
  • Free shipment via GATC Collection Point
  • Results on the business day following sample receipt


  • LIGHTRUN 96 | BARCODE: 96well plates with barches
  • LIGHTRUN TUBE | BARCODE: tubes with barcodes
  • LIGHTRUN TUBE NIGHTXPRESS | BARCODE: tubes with barcodes/results between 8AM-1PM following working day

Product SUPREMErun

SUPREMErun tube offers supreme Sanger sequencing of plasmids or PCR fragments in 1.5 mL tubes. Benefit from additional services such as DNA isolation, PCR purification, sequencing, as well as single- nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) analysis according to DIN EN/IEC 17025.

Highlights of SUPREMErun tube

  • Up to 1,100 nt in Phred20 quality
  • Large variety of free universal or individual primers
  • Adaptation of optimised Sanger sequencing protocols for difficult templates (e.g. GC-rich sequences, hairpins, etc.) included for free
  • Free shipment via GATC Collection Point
  • Results the next business day following sample recept


  • SUPREMERUN 48 | READY-TO-LOAD: up to 48 samples prepared on kit ABI BigDye Terminator cycle sequencing v 3.1
  • SUPREMERUN 96 | READY-TO-LOAD: 96well plates/samples prepared on kit ABI BigDye Terminator cycle sequencing v 3.1
  • SUPREMERUN 48 | BAC/FOSMID/COSMID: up to 48 large cloning vectors
  • SUPREMERUN 96 | BAC/FOSMID/COSMID: 96well platesi /large DNA constructs
  • SUPREMERUN 48: long and high quality reads/ up to 48 samples
  • SUPREMERUN 96 | BARCODE: 96well plates with barcodes
  • SUPREMERUN 96: 96well plates
  • SUPREMERUN 96 | MULTIPRIMER: 96well plates /flexible/ a lot of plasmides or PCR products with various primers
  • SUPREMERUN TUBE | BARCODE: plasmides or PCR products  in 1,5ml tubes with barcodes/difficult templates
  • SUPREMERUN TUBE: plasmides or PCR products  in 1,5ml tubes

Additional services

  • DNA mini preps
  • PCR product purification
  • Primer design
  • Primer synthesis
  • SNP and InDel analysis

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